Over the Bridge

When I began this journey in early November, I decided it would be fun to walk across the Two Rivers Bridge near Interstate 430.  It was dusk when I arrived for my first visit to the bridge.  Walking at a slow pace, I could tell that this wasn’t a good idea.  I was out of breath early on.  I decided to turn back when my ankles started hurting.  I hadn’t even made it half way across the bridge!  It was embarrassing to give up, so I stood where I was, pretending to take in the scenery until the people who had been behind me passed.

That was November 14, 2011.  Less than a month later I decided to give it another shot.  My pulse was elevated as I powered to the top of the bridge, but my ankles were holding strong.  It was clear that my daily walking routine was paying off.  Once I reached the end of the bridge, I decided to follow the trail where people were jogging and pushing strollers.  I had no idea how far it was, but I felt confident that I could do it.

I had no idea the surprise I would find across the bridge…

As I walked around the East end of the park, I noticed how serene it was.  Even though I could see the traffic on the nearby I-430 bridge, the park was silent.  Looping around under the pedestrian bridge, the trail meandered West into a canopy of tall pine trees.

While I was unsure of how far the trail led back into the woods, I felt certain that it was a manageable distance.  People of various ages, sizes, and ability levels were happily making their ways in both directions.  As I continued on, I was shocked to see two deer seemingly unconcerned by the nearby foot traffic.

I snapped a few shots with my iPhone and continued along the trail.  Further down the path I spotted another pair of deer.  I had no idea that there were deer nearby, and I was even more surprised to find them so docile.

When I got home, I was curious to know how far I’d walked.  I checked Google Maps.  In total, I’d covered nearly two miles on my visit — my longest walk to date.

Where do you like to walk?  Have you run across anything surprising lately?

5 thoughts on “Over the Bridge

  1. Katie Hale says:

    I remember my first time in the gym walking on the treadmill and how shocked I was when I had been walking for 45 minutes and hadn’t gotten “tired” yet! Great job! That’s awesome progress in a months time. You need to check it out again next month and see how much easier it is for you then!

    • I actually went back yesterday with a friend who hadn’t been there before. We walked the whole path at a leisurely pace, and I was ready to go around a second time. You’re right — it’s shocking what you can do if you just start small.

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