Junk in the Trunk

In class tonight we talked about hundred calorie packs and how they are a wasted investment if you eat an entire box of them at a time. Several of my classmates and I nodded in recognition of this fact.  My current demon is the Peanut Butter Crisp Bar.

It might not look like much, but it’s sweet, crispy, and addictive. Because it isn’t as nutritionally complete as our meal replacements, we’re only allowed to substitute one meal replacement per day for an alternative such as this bar.

I’ve discovered that I cannot be trusted with a box of these in the house. My first box disappeared over a weekend. You can do the math. They’re tasty and convenient, but pure evil nevertheless.

My solution to this predicament is to keep these sweet sirens in the trunk of the car. While they’re always with me, it requires me to put on a pair of shoes and walk to the car to indulge. Until the temperature rises, they’re safe.

What are your trouble foods? How do you keep them in check?

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