Panera Bread’s Classic Salad

If you’re out and about and looking for an easy, program-compatible restaurant meal, look no further than your nearest Panera Bread. I first discovered their Classic Salad when I was visiting a friend in Chicago.

I love this meal for several reasons. First, it’s less than $6.00 (even in the windy city). Second, you get an apple at no additional cost in lieu of bread or chips. Finally, there are enough vegetables in it that you can still enjoy it without the balsamic vinaigrette dressing that it comes with.

When I leave the house each day I stash a small container of Walden Farms Dressing in my lunch box (beside the ping pong ball and dental floss, inside the ramekin, and under the ice pack). If I decide to have a salad during the day, I have ready-to-use zero-calorie dressing on hand. If I don’t use the dressing during the day, I use it to dress my salad with dinner at home.

What minimal prep on-the-go meal options do you love?

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