Have Powder, Will Travel

As I wrote recently, I spent this weekend in Tunica, Mississippi, with a friend. At one point we considered going to the Paula Deen Buffet. She wondered aloud, is there anything in there you could eat? (you don’t want to know what my internal monologue was at that precise moment)

Since I’m past the six week point in the program, I’m allowed two 60-calorie servings of fruit and four 1-cup servings of vegetables a day in addition to my meal replacements. I’m sure they have a salad bar and a fruit tray in there somewhere, but I didn’t need anything other than what I brought.

When I’m traveling, I pack apples, meal replacement bars, and chocolate powdered meal replacements, all of which I can carry without refrigeration and prepare with nothing more than a glass of water.  When I’m out for the afternoon I’ll throw in an ice pack and a small container of Walden Farms salad dressing to use at places like Panera Bread.

What are your on-the-go items?

3 thoughts on “Have Powder, Will Travel

  1. Katie Hale says:

    I’ve had to deliver mail routes this week while my dad is in having heart surgery – that means not microwave – no easy to heat yummy Nutrisystem meals – but I discovered I really like a couple of their meal replacement bars. I can’t do the protein shakes – I gag every time. I know it’s all mental though! Lol. 🙂 Congrats on doing such an AWESOME job so far! Keep it up!

  2. Spadarkly says:

    I used to bring granola bars or cuties with me. Now that I am on the Atkins diet, I bring Atkins bars.

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