Keeping Track of Meals

One of the first sheets of paper I received on this program was a “Food, Mood, and Move Journal.”  We were asked to track exercise and food intake.  Paper isn’t quite my thing, though.  As one of my friends put it, “I wrote down everything I ate… on a napkin… which is still on the table at the restaurant.”  If  you bite it, write it only works if you can keep up with where you wrote it.

The one thing that does go with me everywhere I go is my phone.  Whether you have an iPhone, an Android, a BlackBerry, or a dumbphone, you should be able to keep at least a day’s worth of meal history in a text editor or SMS message draft.  A lot like Deal-A-Meal, I’m able to keep track of whether I still have any servings of fruits, vegetables, or meal replacements available.

Another way that I’ve tried to track my food intake is through the use of an iPhone app called The Eatery.

With this app, you simply take a photo of the food or meal you are about to eat.  When you describe it and submit it, other anonymous users of the app rate it on a scale of FIT to FAT.  Although you have to take their ratings with the understanding that some users may be misinformed, the aggregate numbers usually paint a pretty accurate picture of the food’s placement on that scale.

How do you keep track of your daily food intake?


One thought on “Keeping Track of Meals

  1. Cody A. Ray says:

    Have you looked at Daily Burn Tracker? Snap a photo of the UPC and gives you a record of the exact nutrition label. Tallies up your values for each day. Let’s you save favorites so you don’t have to snap photo for frequently-eaten foods.

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