Don’t Leave Home Without It

I left the house this morning, as I usually do, groggy and in a rush.  I always make sure to bring my keys, my phone, my meals, and my water bottle.  As I was approaching the main road, I realized that I didn’t have my water bottle with me.

I often get double-takes when people see me with this half-gallon plus jug.  I carry it with me everywhere.  Having it within reach encourages me to drink water instead of artificial alternatives, it prevents me from having excuses to swing by a fast food establishment “just to get a drink,” and it usually ensures that I meet my daily water intake goals.  This list of benefits and others were swirling through my head as I idled at the stop sign this morning.

“I have a cup at work.”

“The water there is nasty.”

“I have a jug of good water in the fridge.”

“I’ll never know how much I drank.”

“I have time.  It’s less than a mile.”

Back and forth I went.  If it isn’t obvious from the photo, I did return home to get the water.  Funny, I wouldn’t think twice about turning around to get my cell phone.

What do you have to have with you?

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