Rock Island Bridge

Where can you get an amazing view of the Little Rock skyline, a wetlands boardwalk, and gunshots?  The Rock Island Bridge!  Also known as the Clinton Presidential Park Bridge, this renovated railroad bridge brings to three the number of ways I’ve crossed the Arkansas River on foot.

While discussing walking locations with a friend who’s also working on losing weight, the Rock Island Bridge came up.  I hasn’t been open to the public as a pedestrian bridge for long, so I thought I’d check it out.  At less than 1700 feet across, I felt that I needed to go a little further.  To my surprise, there was also a wetlands boardwalk to traverse.  Here’s the map of my travels, totaling a little over 1.6 miles.

Map by Google Maps

The bridge and wetlands park provided several gorgeous views of the Clinton Presidential Library and the Little Rock skyline.

As for the gunshots?  Who knows what was going down on the North Little Rock side.  I didn’t stay long enough to investigate.

What paths and trails do you know of that are this scenic?

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