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When I began this program, I encountered an awkward social situation that caused me considerable consternation.  I was asked to go to a dinner meeting to work on an important project.  I had just started using meal replacements, and I wasn’t yet able to eat fruits and vegetables.  Did I eat with the colleagues?  Did I play the odd man out by declining the food?  Did I skip the meeting entirely because of the anxiety the situation was causing?

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I discussed the situation with one of the program’s dietitians, who reminded me that what I put into my mouth was my business and no one else’s.  I got a pep talk, some advice about what I should eat if I simply must, and off to the meeting I went.  It turns out that nobody even noticed that I didn’t order any food.  We were so focused on the work at hand that it was a lot of stress over nothing.

Since then, I’ve gotten much more comfortable with my program and with my meal replacements.  When we had a holiday gathering in December at work, my initial reaction was, “I can’t go to that — there will be so many foods I can’t eat!”  After thinking it over, I microwaved a couple of chocolate muffins, cut them into tiny bites, put them into a bag, and brought them with me.  At another function where they served BBQ, I brought a peanut butter bar.  It really is more about the people and the conversations than the food.

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  1. We have lunch meetings with food several times a year. I’m not on this program, but I have severely limited food options due to food allergies. It’s incredibly rare that I can eat *anything* that’s provided. I just bring my packed lunch along. It’s usually incredibly healthy (especially compared to what’s provided), but I always get a few ‘that looks great’ or ‘that smells awesome’. It’s helped a lot 🙂

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