What can you do today?

Note:  This post was guest-written by Claibanne.

It’s the small things that are such big victories in this journey of weight loss. Sometimes they are so small we might not even notice them at first.  It’s important not to forget these things.

I have lots of post-its and index cards of encouragement, motivation, reminders, and way-to-go’s stuck up all over my office, car, and house.  My favorite one is this one:

I see it often and I really think about the new things I can do since losing weight and I say them out loud.  Yes! Even if someone is there to hear me! I am proud of the little things.  I don’t mind sharing, even if they sound silly.  They add up to HUGE victories.

My victories started off as simple as tying my shoes without having to come up for air.  Then, I could pull my foot up to across my knee and I could tie them.  Now I can pull my foot up to the chair and tie my shoes there!

I’ve had to move my seat in the car up closer two times now because I could no longer reach the pedals.  And now I leave the steering wheel in one of the lowest positions and I can comfortably get in and out.  The seat belt fits better, there’s more room between the door and console – I can even put my purse in the same seat as me!

I no longer have to use the arm extension for the iPod holder. I can cross my legs and not have to hold them there.  With my increased mobility, I’ve increased my endurance.  I can do something for the full time (Zumba, step aerobics, walk/run for a full hour, body sculpting classes) and actually be energized instead of exhausted!  Zumba is my favorite class to take.  So lively, so energetic, such a party atmosphere…I even went to TWO Zumba classes last night!  (I have memberships to 2 gyms, and Zumba’s offered only on Wednesday evenings at both gyms.) I was nicely tired last night, but feel great today!  I can’t wait till next week!

Earlier this week, I had to walk up to my boss’s office for a meeting, and before, I would be huffing and puffing whichever way I went.  I was nearly late, so I ran up the stairs! Yes!  Two flights of stairs!  No red face, no heavy breathing – nothing! It felt great! Six months ago, I would have had to wait on the elevator, stand there while it moped up the 2 flights, and have that pent up anxiety of meeting with my boss and hoping to get there on time.  Then I’d have to stand outside his office while I caught my breath.  Wow!  I didn’t have time for any of that!

As a woman, one of the most visible victories is the clothes and how they fit.  First the pants started getting saggy in the bottom, and then they just started sagging everywhere!  I put on some old PJ bottoms not long ago, and was wearing them around the house and low and behold! They actually fell to the ground!  I laughed so hard and then danced around a little.  What a fun thing to have happen – at home anyway!

One of the Biggest Victories for me is that I no longer have to shop in the WOMEN’S WORLD section, usually tucked away in the far back of department stores.  You know, so the fat girls can go hide and shop.  I go straight for the Ladies section up front and shop away!  I’ve found that I am trying on things that I’d never dream of trying on before.  Form fitting, bright colors and funky up-dated styles.  Things they just don’t have in the WOMEN’S section.  I’m still a curvy girl, and am proud of my curves!  Some of the styles and cuts don’t quite work for me, but you know what? Even when I was 113 pounds they didn’t all work! So it’s knowing what cuts fit the best.  And wear those with PRIDE!  I’ve earned those curves (and they’re getting back in the right spots!)

It’s a daily struggle to stay motivated, and I have to focus on these little victories – because once you reach one, that’s motivation enough to reach the next.

So what can you do today that you couldn’t do at your starting weight?

2 thoughts on “What can you do today?

  1. It feels weird being on the receiving end of one of the big bold questions.

    Three things that I can do today that I couldn’t do at 448 pounds:
    1. Walk 3+ miles (I had a great time in Philadelphia)
    2. Sit in an airplane seat (without bruised thighs)
    3. Pee standing up (did I really just say that out loud?)

  2. Mike Barratt says:

    Good for you! It sounds like you’ve made some amazing progress! I love the index card as a reminder of how far you’ve come. So many times, in the pursuit of excellence, we forget to celebrate our successes!

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