Two Bottles and a Baggie

I make this stuff up as I go along… With that said, I’d like to share the system I’ve worked out for surviving conferences while on meal replacements. It involves bottles and bags.


Before leaving home, I bundle my meal replacement packs and bars in sandwich bags, one for each day, so I know I’ll have the food I need. This also helps me account for how many meals I’ve had in a particular day if I’m busy and forget to add a shake to my meal log.

I have to pack my single serving dressing packs in my TSA-sanctioned gels and fluids baggie until making it through security. Once checked into my room, I add the dressings to the individual day packs.

As soon as possible, I buy 2 bottles of water. One of them I use exclusively for drinking water. The other I use exclusively for shakes. To tell them apart, I remove the label from the shake bottle. At home, I carry a 72 oz. water jug. To achieve the same amount of water intake at a conference requires several refills per day. At the conference I just returned from, there were water coolers all over the place. If you can’t find a water cooler, you’re likely to find a drinking fountain.

To get your meal replacement into the bottle, tear a corner off the bottom of the pack. It is much easier to pour through a hole on the bottom because the excess packaging is less. As soon as you finish your shake, rinse the bottle thoroughly.

What travel tips do you have?

One thought on “Two Bottles and a Baggie

  1. Cindy says:

    Great information and food creativity for anyone wanting to reduce! Travel Tip: Have your stops planned out ahead of time for stretching and nutritional breaks.

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