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I was in Philadelphia, PA, for the Innovations 2012 conference last week. On our first night in town, we decided to go to dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, which was conveniently located right in the convention center complex. For that matter, there were several city blocks of shops conveniently located right in the convention center complex.

Looking at the menu, I knew I wanted something in the raw vegetables and/or fruit category. What I found was perfect!


I asked the server to hold the chicken and dressing and to have the fruit on the side. What seemed like a major modification to me turned out to be no big deal at all.


As you can see, this worked out surprisingly well! I had my salad with Walden Farms zero calorie dressing, and I had a smorgasbord of fruit to sample for dessert. Win-win!

Don’t be afraid to go to a particular restaurant because you think they won’t have something compatible with your meal parameters. On my last day at the conference I was invited to breakfast by some friends I’d made at the event. It turns out, even the greasiest diners in Philadelphia have a fruit cup on the menu.

What are some of your favorite restaurant foods that can work with this program?

4 thoughts on “Hard Rock Cafe

  1. Cindy says:

    I’m always altering what I get in a restaurant…naked cod, naked veggies (no butter, salt), a chicken wrap, no sauce, heavy lettuce. Easy to modify anything and most are happy to accommodate. If they give you a dirty look, you know it’s time to exit.

  2. Claibanne says:

    You left off the chicken? Did you eat a mr in addition to the salad? I would have probably kept the chicken (only eat 3oz of it) and then skip any meal replacement for that meal. The fruits and veggies sound great!

    • Yes and yes. I’m having great success with the program, and I try very hard to follow the guidelines to the letter. I’m currently on five meal replacements a day plus up to two fruit and four vegetable servings a day. I had a meal replacement along with the salad.

  3. […] daily meal plans.  I ate out at places like Panera Bread, my nearby Mexican restaurant, and even Hard Rock Cafe.  Once I reached a weight of 225 pounds, I began incorporating one traditional meal and a snack […]

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