No Microwave? No Problem!

Once you reach Week 12 in the program, several tasty meal replacement options become available such as vegetable beef soup, vegeterian sloppy joe, cheesesteak pasta, and chili. The directions for all of these soy-based products include microwaving them. In a hotel stay last week, I discovered a new approach.


Necessity, being the mother of invention, called on me to use the coffee maker to resuscitate the cheesesteak pasta. I put a cup of water in the machine, dumped the meal replacement into the coffee cup, plugged it in, and let ‘er rip. As soon as the water stopped flowing, I gave the contents a good stir and put the lid on the cup to keep the heat in.

While the noodles softened and the soy did whatever soy does, I went in search of a spoon. The first place I checked (the hotel bar) had an entire set of disposable utensils including a napkin.

The cheesesteak pasta was just as yummy in the coffee maker as it is in the microwave, and the disposable cup made it even easier than at home. I wish I had packed more of them on the trip. I’ll know to do so next time.

Do you have any meal replacement travel tips?

4 thoughts on “No Microwave? No Problem!

  1. Claibanne says:

    Ahh! How creative! Love it! I have instant hot water at my sink at home. I’ve always added that to soups and other things that need hot water. It’s only 190*, but it’s better than nothing – and quicker too! But that’s at home. I haven’t traveled since on the program. Hopefully planning a trip to the Redneck Rivera this summer. We’ll see how THAT goes. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Maha says:

    Hi there!

    Creative indeed.

    Sandra and I spoke to you on the Tucker Creek Trail. We were on bikes. We mentioned For some reason as I was watching Robert’s vlog, I thought of you…and so I decided to send the link to it on to you! (Robert has lost 115 pounds so far.)

    Carry on!

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