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My trusty Omron HJ-150 GoSmart Hip Pedometer kicked the bucket somewhere between Little Rock and Raleigh last week.  I’m not sure if it was the vibration from the turboprop or its trip through the EZ-Bake Luggage Scanner, but it’s dead.

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I bought this pedometer when I joined the Walk with Walgreen’s program several months ago.  At that time, they offered a $10 coupon on any pedometer of that brand.  I checked today, and they only offer a $5.00 coupon.  In addition to price, I also liked this pedometer because it saved a week’s worth of steps, it reset itself every night at midnight, and it filtered out non-step motion.  It didn’t know how to figure distance, which is a feature that I would prefer.

When I lamented the loss of my poor HJ-150, several Facebook friends recommended that I use a smartphone app to keep track instead.  There are tons of apps for that!  One benefit to using a smartphone app to track steps is that it can automagically report my progress to my favorite social networks.  Unfortunately, I only have enough juice in my phone to talk, text, web, blog, and Facebook.

While at a reception on my last night in Philadelphia, a fellow conferencegoer suddenly beeped, lept to her feet, and shouted, “I have to go run up and down the stairs!”  After getting a couple of odd stares, she held up her Striiv, a device that not only count steps, keeps records, and sets goals, but it also motivates users who are behind for the day by engaging them in games.  Also, Striiv works like a walk-a-thon, donating to charity proportionally to the user’s progress.  Plus, you only have to charge it once a week.  What’s not to love?

Image Property of Striiv

It’s $100.00.  I’m looking for something a little more reasonably priced, so I’ve come to you to crowd source your input.  Please navigate to the comments section below and tell me what kind of pedometer you use, what you like about it, and what you’d change.

My birthday’s this week.  As a gift to me, please share your input to help me make the best decision when I buy my next pedometer.

4 thoughts on “Help Me Pick a Pedometer

  1. Susie says:

    On a much smaller scale, check out the fitbit ultra. It’s a little pricey but it’s small and easy to carry around. I just got it about a week ago on the advice of another UAMS weight-loss participant.

  2. Susie says:

    By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Woohoo! Hope you have a great birthday week!

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