What Happens At Zumba…

Well, you know.  Wednesdays at 8PM 7PM, Kristen hosts Zumba at the UAMS Fitness Center.  If you’re a member, come join us and find out what happens at Zumba.  If you’re a member of the UAMS Weight Loss and Metabolic Control Program, you can get a SuperAmazin’ discount on membership to the fitness center, which includes access to the facilities and all of their group exercise classes.

Physical is the Intellectual Property of Universal Music Group

I like Zumba for a couple of reasons.  First, I enjoy the laid back atmosphere.  You’re not going to get barked at if you’re not beating your conga hard enough or if you wobble in the wrong direction.  Second, working with a certified Zumba instructor ensures that any questions that come up about the moves can be answered immediately by some who can be trusted.  Additionally, I just love the music.

Come to class, do what you can, and leave better off than when you came.  See you Wednesday!

6 thoughts on “What Happens At Zumba…

  1. Wobble in the wrong direction- HA!

  2. Kristen Rowe says:

    See you tonight Daniel for another good workout! You better look out though, I am going to be watching to see if you are beating that conga drum hard enough:) JK!

  3. Not only did I do the conga, I twirled my shirt like a helicopter and beat it.

  4. Claibanne says:

    Yeah Baby! We had fun doing the Elaine too!

  5. Kristen still dances in quarter notes, while I dance in whole notes.

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