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On the first night of classes participants are overloaded with new information.  How to prepare the meal replacements, what ingredients can be added, tips from classmates, and more.  One of the tidbits that you shouldn’t miss is the wonderland of calorie free ingredients that they have at Drug Emporium.

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Located in the shopping center at the corner of Rodney Parham Road and Reservoir Road, Drug Emporium has several items that you should pick up.  Walden Farms Dressings, PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter, and Da Vinci Syrup all come to mind.  Additionally, they have an enormous selection of specialty items for folks who are gluten-free or have other restrictions.

Walden Farms Dressings

As the labels say, Walden Farms Dressings come in calorie-free, sugar-free, fat-free, carb-free, gluten-free, cholesterol-free bottles and pouches.  If you order online, the bottles will run you over $5.00 after shipping.  At Drug Emporium, they’re under $3.00.  The single-serving pouches come in boxes of 6 for less than $3.00.  You’ll have to try several before you find the flavors you like, but so far everyone has found at least one flavor that works for them.  My favorites are Thousand Island, Caesar, and Italian.  I don’t care for Ranch or Honey Dijon.  I’m told the Bleu Cheese makes a great veggie dip.

Also of interest from Walden Farms is the calorie-free pancake syrup that I use on my meal replacement pancakes.  It has a bit of an artificial sweetener twang, but I’m willing to overlook it because it’s PANCAKE SYRUP WITHOUT CALORIES.


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PB2 is pulverized peanuts.  Through some magical process that I can’t quite understand, PB2 has all of the wonderful peanuttiness of full-fat peanut butter but with many fewer calories.  I use PB2 in shakes, muffins, and as a spread.  You can reconstitute it using two parts powder to one part water.  PB2 also comes in a chocolate variety that many participants recommend, though I haven’t tried it.

DaVinci Syrup

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Another item that Drug Emporium carries that you should be aware of is DaVinci Syrup.  The bottles with the blue labels are Splenda-sweetened, zero-calorie add-ins for shakes, drinks, and muffins.  Like the Walden Farms items, you’ll want to sample around to find the flavors that you like best.  I enjoy Cookie Dough, English Toffee, and Peanut Butter.  The English Toffee takes the chocolate meal replacement shake to a whole new level.

What items do you get at Drug Emporium that you can’t live without?

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  1. tracey campbell says:

    I will say, I laughed out loud after our first meeting. I went to Drug Emporium (I live less than a mile from there in Treasure Hill) and behold-about 5 people from our first meeting. All of us were in the aisle with the Walden Farms dressings and syrups. Hilarious. Those items have really helped me out the first couple of weeks.

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