Happy Easter

In class this week we discussed surviving food-oriented holidays such as Easter.  When we were about to change subjects, I raised my hand and asked if there was a recipe for chocolate bunnies.  Used to my snark, Kristen didn’t skip a beat, telling me that she expected to see one on my blog some time this week.  I’ve been busy climbing mountains, but I wasn’t too busy to create this fellow.

Consider this a prototype that will undergo major revisions before making it to market.  This is essentially a frozen fudgesicle bunny rather than the candy model I was hoping for.  Having talked it over with The Foodtritionist, I have some fresh ideas to take back into the laboratory.  For now, here’s the recipe for the frozen bunny:

1 Chocolate Meal Replacement
1 packet Splenda
2 oz Water

Mix ingredients and pour into silicone bunny mold.  Freeze over night.  This guy melts as soon as he hits the plate, so be ready to eat when you unmold him.  I got my mold in the seasonal aisle at Kroger for $2-$3.


6 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. krty85 says:

    Daniel, I have to admit, I am impressed! You will have to let me know how good it was.

  2. krty85 says:

    Daniel, I have to admit, I am impressed! I hope it was as good as it looks.

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  4. tracey says:

    Looks great-would have looked better with some frosting though!!! ha ha ha

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