Yellow Fellow

I had my meeting with the endocrinologist today, and I’m proud to say that I’m now Yellow.  This isn’t to say that I’m suffering from jaundice or cowardice.  It means that I’m one step closer to being released by the doctor!

Photo by Curtis Gregory Perry

Patients who join the program are assessed for various medical reasons, and are placed on a colored track.  I started out on the red track, visiting the doctor for labs and check-ups once every other week.  After a while, I was moved down to orange, seeing the doctor only once every month or so.  As of today, I’m on the yellow track, seeing the doctor once every three months.  Yay!  The frequency of doctor visits for folks on the yellow track varies based on individual need, but I’m completely excited to know that I’m doing well enough on the program that I won’t have to be back to see the endocrinologist until July.

PS:  I didn’t tell him about the icing incident.  Let’s keep that our little secret.

2 thoughts on “Yellow Fellow

  1. Vergina says:

    LOL! about the rabbit…I’m glad to hear you are doing well

  2. […] The frequency with which you are required to have lab work done depends on your track.  Red patients see the doctor once every two weeks.  Orange patients see the doctor every month.  Yellow patients see the doctor once every 2-3 months.  Green patients no longer have to see the doctor.  I started out as red, transitioned to orange, and now I’m a Yellow Fellow. […]

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