It Takes a Village

I traveled to Washington, D.C. this week for a conference. I used several of the tricks that I’ve picked up I’m my 20-odd weeks on the program, but I nearly fell prey to a piece of cheesecake.


For lunch, we were served salad, some sort of stuffed chicken breast, new potatoes, green beans, and cheesecake. In the photo above, you can see that I ate the salad with Walden Farms dressing. I also had a Peanut Crisp bar. Before they cleared the salad plates, I snapped the above shot.

When the entree was delivered, I ate the green beans. Although I’m allowed four servings of vegetables a day, starchy vegetables such as corn and potatoes are excluded.

Having finished my meal, I sat at the banquet table while the others ate and discussed their meals. Apparently, the chicken was stuffed with an unidentifiable herb mixture. I was curious. Could I have just one bite to find out what it was?

Even if my dietitian would forgive me for having just one bite of chicken, I knew from my recent icing incident that I lack the willpower to have just a taste of anything. My gaze shifted between the chicken and the cheesecake. If I have just one bite of each, maybe I’ll be satisfied. Oh, and a new potato.

While I was transfixed by the food before me, the gentleman to my right said, “I see you bring your own dressing. That’s great!” With that, I snapped out of my delusions, explained the merits of Walden Farms, and answered all the questions he had about my program. Several folks at the table commented on my progress and dedication. “It’s hard,” I mumbled.

It is hard! It seems the longer I’m in the program, the more difficult I find it to resist temptation. Although I haven’t cheated since Easter, I’m finding the inner voices louder and more compelling. “Cheesecake…”

All it took to snap me out of it was a simple comment by a random stranger. What do you do to overcome these situations?

4 thoughts on “It Takes a Village

  1. tracey campbell says:

    I have not been on the program long enough to have the issues you are having (other than my Captain this morning trying to get me to eat a chocolate chip cookie-I did threaten to shoot him) but I know I am going to have to walk away from the temptations, like you did. I have looked at your “before” photos, I hope you carry one with you-that would be motivation enough to walk away. Look at the diffence in you!

  2. Vergina says:

    Well I must say that I haven’t been doing much to resist temptation as I utterly failed at my Retreat on Petit Jean Mtn….let’s just say multiple s’mores 🙂

  3. If it helps at all, I did eat that quarter strawberry 🙂
    You’ll get back on track, Vergina!

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