Each time I visit the endocrinologist at UAMS, I get a survey in my email.

It’s hard to express what a life-changing experience this clinic has provided in a survey response, so I wrote more than would fit in the box.  Everyone at the UAMS Weight Loss and Metabolic Control Program has been just wonderful through my journey.  Below is what I wrote on the most recent survey.

The Weight Loss people continue to amaze me with their friendliness and professionalism.  Lily is always on top of things, knowing better than I do when I need to see the doctor next.  She always reminds me to validate my parking.  Margaret takes great care of me during weigh-ins, providing a friendly face to come back to each week.  Kristen has been amazing!  I’ve attended her classes several times each now, and she continues to present the information in a fresh way every week.  She also offers Zumba, which I do each week on Wednesdays.  When I have questions outside of class, Kristen quickly replies to my emails with just the information I need to make the best choices.  She is a great resource!  Margaret (the nutritionist), although not my assigned dietitian, has always been willing to support me through answering questions, allowing me to sit in on her classes, and in our social media efforts.  Today’s visit was with Dr. K. —  Although he didn’t spend long in the room with me, he did answer all of my questions, and I feel that I was taken care of completely.

The value that I see in this program is not the result of any one of the actions of these people, but the program as a whole, as managed by Betsy.  She has set up, optimized, and runs a welcoming, effective, supportive clinic that I recommend to anyone who asks me, “How are you doing it?”

I am so thankful for the program, its people, and the weight loss results the program has afforded me.  Please give all of these folks kudos!  They’re doing excellent work!

I’m sure someone was left out, and for that I apologize in advance.  Next time you’re in the clinic, thank these people for taking such good care of us!

One thought on “Kudos

  1. krty85 says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words! You have no idea how much I have enjoyed having you in class, and the great inspiration you are to so many people in our weight loss program. I have enjoyed watching your journey so far, and I am thankful that you have shared your experiences with everyone. I do not know if you are aware of the positive impact that you have on those around you, but it is significant. I look forward to seeing your continued success!
    Kristen (your dietitian:)

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