Unintended Consequences

One of the first forms that you fill out when joining this program prompts you to imagine yourself after you’ve lost weight.  You’re asked to think about things you’ll be able to do and how life will be improved.  I listed five goals on my original form — everything from flying to Hawaii to tying my shoes.  Since then, I’ve added some new goals such as walking a 5K, buckling an airline seat belt, and climbing Pinnacle Mountain.  Some goals I’ve reached; others that I’ve set are still to come.  It’s exciting when you find that you’re able to do something that you didn’t even set out to do.

These spring-loaded lecture hall seats have been the bane of my existence since high school.  For a period of a couple of years in college I was able to fit into them, but never comfortably.  When I had a meeting in this room today I started for my “accessible” seat down on the first row, but I stopped myself.  “I wonder if I can fit in one of those seats up there,” I thought to myself.  Sure enough, I fit just fine.  Although “Fit into a lecture hall seat” wasn’t on my list, being able to mark it off put an extra bounce in my step today.

What can you do today that you couldn’t do before losing weight?

2 thoughts on “Unintended Consequences

  1. Cindy says:

    Another milestone! Hurray!!!

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