I Didn’t Recognize You

In class we talk about positive self-talk and focusing on compliments that we receive.  One compliment that we’re told will come is, “I didn’t recognize you!”  Although I admit that my weight loss has been significant, I never believed people would seriously have trouble recognizing me.

A colleague from the other side of campus whom I see infrequently came to my class to present information about an organization that she advises.  She walked past my door a couple of times before I went out into the hallway to see what she needed.  Shocked, she said “I kept looking for you!  I walked right by here several times!  I didn’t recognize you!”

Maybe I’ll start wearing my name tag.

What compliments have you received recently?

3 thoughts on “I Didn’t Recognize You

  1. Mary says:

    That my face looked thinner and that I was glowing!

  2. That’s too funny that she kept walking by your room. I wonder if her internal dialogue was, “That looks like him, but…no…it can’t be.”

  3. Claibanne says:

    It’s wonderful, isn’t it?! I love seeing peoples’ reaction when they see me and they do a doubletake! They figure I’m serious about this thing! They always ask how I’m doing and how proud they are of me.

    We’re having a girls’ get-to-gether after school’s out, and they asked me where I could go and that they wanted to honor my hard work and not get me off track – so I get to pick! Can’t wait to see them again-some of them I haven’t seen since last fall. Had only lost about 40 pounds then…And they were all wow!!!

    I picked Ya-Ya’s-they have a wonderful salmon salad – just the right portion of fish, and a wonder big salad (dressing on the side – or was it vinegar and oil sans oil?) I was stuffed when I ate there before! Plus, they have lots of other light stuff, but some that’s not so light either. They have a wide range of stuff.

    Haven’t seen you in a few weeks, Daniel – been a little under the weather…I bet I won’t recognize you this week at Zumba! I plan to go – so hold me accountable! 🙂 See you then!


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