Z is for Zumba

Sorry, Brinda.  Z is for Zumba.

If you’re not familiar with Zumba, imagine it as one part Sweatin’ to the Oldies, one part Physical, and a dash of spice.  This routine, except for the break dancing and high heels, is actually what we do in Zumba with Kristen on Wednesday nights.

What I love about Zumba is that I do only what I can.  I don’t Pony like the pros, but I move.  My Conga lacks a little something here and there, but I have a good time.  My Wobble needs work, but nobody cares.  Even without mad dancing skills, I still get a great workout.  Come join us tonight at 7PM in the UAMS Fitness Center, which is on the 8th floor of the College of Public Health.

4 thoughts on “Z is for Zumba

  1. I love that video! Who wouldn’t want to dance to that?

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