Y is for Yaris

When I started this program I had a problem with the steering wheel of my Dodge Charger rubbing against the front of my pants.  The notion of a small car was simply comical.  Although I wanted a car with great gas mileage, it wasn’t feasible at my size.

Photo by Rick Pulfer
August, 2010

I recently had my car in the shop for some body work, and the rental agency asked me if I’d prefer a Versa or a Yaris.  While the question made me snicker, I said, “Let’s try the Yaris.”  Sure enough, I was small enough to fit behind the wheel, operate the controls, and even reach the gas flap release without straining.  Yahoo!

Note:  The range of a Yaris is 440.2 miles.  Walks to the gas station are much easier now, too! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Y is for Yaris

  1. Linda, one of my coworkers, was concerned that I’d lost an arm somewhere between 2010 (the yellow car) and 2012 (the silver car). Nope… they’re both still attached.

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