X is for Xylitol

In class last week we learned about the surprising amount of sugars that are present in the foods we know and love.  Whether it’s sugar-sweetened drinks, breakfast cereals, or even our meal replacements themselves, sugar is everywhere.  Learning how to reduce the amount of sugar we consume helps with weight loss and maintenance.

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Xylitol, one example of a sugar alcohol sweetener, contains considerably fewer calories than sugar.  It’s considered a nutritive sweetener because it is partially consumed by the body, carrying with it calories.  Believe me… it was a fascinating class.  You had to be there.

What sweetener do you like best?  I love me some Splenda.

2 thoughts on “X is for Xylitol

  1. Claibanne says:

    Splenda is splendid indeed. Equal’s not equal, second best if the other’s not available.

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