U is for Unexpected Results

Although I recently wrote an article about the unintended consequences of my participation in this program, the results that I’m finding are both unexpected and unbelievable.  At the orientation session, Betsy mentioned that most participants lose 20-50 pounds on the program.  In my first 16 weeks, I lost over 75 pounds!

In addition to that, I learned to love vegetables, I have a new respect for exercise, and I (dare I say it?) take the stairs.  There have been so many unexpected results from this program!

What are your unexpected results?

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3 thoughts on “U is for Unexpected Results

  1. tracey campbell says:

    I have to say, I am one of those with the love/hate relationship with the scale. I was hoping for the big losses everyone talks about every week, but mine has been slow (sooooo very slow). My most unexpected thing, is I have learned not to depend on the scale. I feel better, my cholesterol dropped from 269 to 205 after 6 weeks.

  2. Hi there, when I started my weight loss journey I was just coming off of treatment and recovery (about a year in length) for cancer…I started out slowly learning to jog…one minute at a time…hated it, but now 9 months later I cannot imagine not running…it has become my saving grace…I’m training for my first half-marathon in September and looking forward to running it with my 16yr old son…love those consequences…love your blog and now will be following your journey! Blessings my new bloggy friend…


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