S is for Stairs

Sugar, salt, and safety pins were also considered.  Stairs, however, won out.  They’re everywhere, they’re like free exercise machines, and they’re green.  If you’ve been using elevators, consider taking the stairs… even if you just walk down them, it’s a start.

Photo by Gwenaël Piaser

I’m currently a 3-flight guy.  If I can get there in 3 flights of stairs or less, then I’ll skip the elevator.  I hope to increase my range as I become more fit.  In my previous life, I would take the elevator at the movie theater so I wouldn’t have to walk to the good seats.

Will you commit to taking the stairs?

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4 thoughts on “S is for Stairs

  1. I took the stairs to class today — 4 flights.

  2. […] to that, I learned to love vegetables, I have a new respect for exercise, and I (dare I say it?) take the stairs.  There have been so many unexpected results from this […]

  3. […] the Z to A in the month of May activity, I wrote that S was for Stairs.  That hasn’t changed; I’ve been taking stairs whenever possible since I wrote that. […]

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