Q is for Quitting

This guest post was written by Claibanne Williamson.

Quitting.  Have you ever thought about quitting something?  Well, I have.  I’ve thought about quitting the weight loss program for instance.  Yet I haven’t.  And it’s a struggle sometimes.  Life gets in the way.  Feelings of disappointment, plateaus, temptations, and all the other things that keep us from plodding on through to the promised land of my valued direction – health – make it really hard to be steadfast.

There are lots of feelings and events that try to stand in my way.  I need to look at each one as a wave to get through.  These are only hurdles standing in my way from getting to the health that I want.  I know that my valued direction is health.  And I’m going to look at every one of these hurdles and step over them or shove them back to get to my promised land of health.

2 thoughts on “Q is for Quitting

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