P is for Positive Self Talk

Words are powerful.  In our behavior modification classes, we learn to identify the messages we are sending and receiving and to take control over the messages we are sending to ourselves.

Photo by Jason Kessenich

Kind words from others are appreciated for a few moments, but it’s the negative sentiments that stick with us.  I’m guilty of replaying negative interactions over and over again in my mind, obsessing over the hurtful words people have used.  How often do we say or think things about ourselves that we would never say to someone else?

It’s time to turn that inner monologue around and remind yourself of your positive attributes.  If it takes making sticky notes or index cards like Claibanne does, so be it.  If you need to send yourself a postcard, have at it.  Take a few minutes to reflect on how wonderful you really are.

Give it a try.  Toot your own horn.

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One thought on “P is for Positive Self Talk

  1. yes, we should all speak kindly to ourselves as well as to others!


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