L is for Lapse

A lapse is a temporary setback.  I’ve have had several lapses since starting this program.  I had a salad (the horror!) before week 6.  What’s worse than that?  I had a tablespoon of cheese dip on a meal replacement chip.  What’s worse than that?  I ate 500 calories worth of decorator’s icing one day.  What’s worse than that?  Giving up.

Photo by Terry Johnston

As I said, a lapse is a temporary setback on the path to your goal.  It doesn’t mean that you’ve failed, and it doesn’t mean that you must throw in the towel and quit.  A lapse simply means that you’re human.  In one of our behavior modification classes, we learn that a series of lapses in a short window if time is called a relapse.  Your goal when you lapse is to get back on track without relapse.

For me, talking about my lapses here and with my friends helps me stay on track.  Maybe you have a support network at home, at work, or at the clinic that helps you.  I know the weekly weigh-ins are one of the tools that helps keep me honest.  Maybe you write a private journal of your reflections.  Whatever it takes, stay with it.  If you fall off the wagon, get right back on.  Now.  Not tomorrow.  Not Monday.  Now.

The only irreparable mistake is quitting.

Confession time.
Tell us about your lapse.
How did you get back on track?

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8 thoughts on “L is for Lapse

  1. Sarah Bibles says:

    If that is those are the only lapses (?) you had in 6 months, that is sooooo great! When i was counting calories and exercising last year, I allowed myself a “cheat meal” every couple weeks. It was my “lapse” I guess you could say. I still lost as much weight on those weeks though. Not saying I will allow myself cheat meals on this program but just saying that I think a lapse is Ok! It’s the relapse, like you said, that’s the problem. It takes a heck of a lot of will power to not let a lapse turn into a relapse though, and with that being said it’s best to try not to lapse at all:)

  2. As far as eating, I’ll occasionally have a sixth meal replacement. It’s better than a Whopper. Since I’m out on summer break, I don’t have my regular walking crew, so I’m not walking as much. I will be at Zumba tonight, though!

  3. John Cooley says:

    In my opinion, your comment about geting back on track now rather than tomorrow is the key. Yes, I’ve had my fair share of lapses. Even so I have gone down 8 inches in my waist. I had hoped to be down 10 by this point, but I haven’t failed…………I’ve only been human. And the support system has been a key element for us as well. I started, and continue this program with my wonderful wife, and without critisizing or condeming we try to hold each other accountable……in a supportive way.

  4. My 90-day physician visit was last week. I was given a great report – 15 pounds lost, and my pressure is down 30 points. So, as I “lapse”, I’ve taken the last week “off” and am doing whatever I want. Next week, I’ll get back on the wagon. I have another weight-related goal for my next visit on August 9 to have every intention of succeeding.

    Great blog entry – thanks, Danny!!!

  5. […] once, I’m happy to report that this post about candy isn’t to confess a lapse in judgement or control.  It is not because the candy hasn’t been trying to trick me, […]

  6. […] again.  Did I cry about it?  Nope.  Did I beat myself up over it?  Nope.  This was just one more lapse to add to my experience […]

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