K is for KingSize Direct

One of the side-effects of weight loss is that your clothes stop fitting.  Some people see that as an opportunity to go on a shopping spree.  I see it as an added expense.  Either way you see it, take a look at KingSize Direct.

An online clothing retailer catering to guys over 225 pounds and/or over 6’2” tall, I’ve never had a bad experience with this company that they didn’t resolve promptly.  With a little research and some fiddling, you can get quite a good deal on clothes when you pair up their last-minute upsell system with coupon codes.  When I lost my pants in Louisiana one Sunday (blog post to come?), I had a replacement pair in my mailbox on Wednesday, complete with custom alterations.

Every order they ship comes with a UPS sticker to facilitate returns.  If the clothes don’t fit, put them back in the bag, seal it, and send them back.  KingSize will give your money back if you return items within 90 days, or they’ll give you store credit for returns past 90 days for any reason.  I’ve never had to return any items I’ve received from this company, so I can’t comment on the experience.  From what I’ve read on their website and from other shoppers on their Facebook page, the process is fairly straightforward.

The Upsell System
When you click to check out on this website, a box pops up offering you 20% off related merchandise.  I’ve had great success in the past putting items in my shopping cart related to what I actually wanted to buy, clicking check out, and then selecting my intended item at 20% off.  Evil?  Genius?  Evil genius.

The Coupon Codes
Never, ever, ever check out without putting in a coupon code on this website.  You can find codes on a number of websites, but I usually check RetailMeNot first.  They have a system that lets users thumbs-up or thumbs-down a code, indicating whether it worked for them.  I always make a list of current codes and then try them all, one by one, to see how much my grand total is with each code.  The lowest price wins.  I can usually cut $20-$40 off an order just by using coupon codes.  Sometimes this retailer puts codes on their Facebook page that are good only for a day or a weekend.

I love this company, I love their products, and I love that it’s so convenient to have access to clothes that fit my body.  Do check them out!

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3 thoughts on “K is for KingSize Direct

  1. Katie says:

    They are really an awesome retailer! Especially because they do offer such a wide range of sizes and cater to your needs so perfectly. Long been a fan for the larger men in our family! 🙂

  2. Suzanne says:

    Yes, but…they don’t have anything for the extra-tall. My son is 6’7″, long-waisted, and long-legged. Nothing is long enough. My tall husband is thin. There’s not a lot for him. He has long but narrow feet. Nothing for them, either.

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