I is for Injury

One of the consequences of becoming more active is that I’ve also had the occasional injury.  Although I’m told I look ten years younger (and I know I feel ten years younger), I’m no longer an invincible twenty-something.  Has this risk stopped me from being active?  Absolutely not!

Photo by Ken Teegardin

On my second visit to Pinnacle Mountain, some of my friends and I were exploring the base trail.  They wanted to go inspect a nearby railroad bridge, which required crossing a ditch.  I didn’t make it up the other side of the embankment, landing on a stob.  Fortunately, I wasn’t impaled — my “needless pounds” cushioned the impact.  On another visit, I scraped the back of my knee while crossing a boulder field.  Bruised and battered is preferable to scattered, smothered, and covered.

While making an effort to work my “core”, wherever that is, a muscle somewhere deep inside me protested.  For several days, I walked softly and carried a big heating pad.  My armchair diagnosis concluded that it was the Quadratus Lumborum muscle.  I didn’t even know I had one!  It’s no longer sore, but I’m now aware of its existence.

We learned in class that one of the key things to help reduce the risk of injury is to stretch after warming up.  What other tips do you have for avoiding injury for folks like me who led a mainly sedentary lifestyle but who are now becoming active?

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4 thoughts on “I is for Injury

  1. deray says:

    One oddity of muscular fitness: those who have higher fitness levels just plain don’t register pain as severely as people of lower fitness. Don’t know why, but lots of medical testing seems to bear it out.
    My other, not necessarily relevant advice: do your more strenuous feats not only with a partner or a group, but a partner or group that you are loathe to appear less than competent in front of. A mild strain will totally put an end to my workout. Unless my girlfriemd”s watching. Then, I could finish my ride or swim with half a limb.

  2. Katie says:

    One thing I learned really quickly after delving into the world of exercise after years of abstinence ::snort:: was that the concept of a sports bra was not only a good idea but a necessity! Lol! Not just one – but oh – three of them layered to keep the movement to a minimal. I think a lot of women don’t think about how that can really injure them if they don’t take proper precautions, but it can hurt not only your chest, but your back, abs and cause discouragement as well.

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