H is for Hill

This guest post was written by Claibanne Williamson.

“Hill”.  That can be a daunting vision when facing a hill in front of you.  You start at the bottom and look up.  Sometimes you can’t even see the top.  Sometimes there are bumps in that hill, rough sections, extra steep segments, sections that flatten out.  But still, it’s a hill, and it’s a daunting task to conquer it.

Photo by Claibanne Williamson

If you’re riding a bike up this hill, you’ll have to shift down into a lower, slower gear, to get to the top.  That means a slow, grinding, trudging motion that may take a long time to reach the top.  Sometimes it means stopping and resting along the way.  Sometimes it means asking for help from someone to pull – or push – you up the hill.  No matter what, it’s a hard, hard climb.

As you get nearer and nearer to the top, you might even be able to see the summit – the peak you’re trying to reach.  There may be twists and turns, bumps and hurdles that take your focus off the summit.  But it’s still always there lurking in the distance.  You are already on that hill.  You took that first, critical step.  You might as well continue to the top.

But it’s easy to just slip and fall and slide all the way down that hill – all the way back to the bottom.  You could run the other way and not try to climb that hill again.  Or, you could start out again up the hill towards the summit.  This time you might have the top in mind, but set smaller goals.  You might say, “If I can make it to that rock…” When you reach that rock, you might say, “If I can just make it to that bed of pretty flowers…”  Set small goals and before you know it, you’ve reached the summit!

Now, turn around and look down to the bottom and see how far you’ve come.  What a great feeling to stand at the top and know you’ve conquered that hill – no matter how long and hard it was.  You made it!  Congratulations!

Photo by Claibanne Williamson

Be a “Hill Seeker”.  Look for the hills in your life to challenge you to make you a better person – physically, mentally, and spiritually.  You’ll never regret it.

What “hills” have you climbed recently?

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