F is for Fast Food

I used to think I couldn’t cook.  I used to think that getting processed food through a window made life easy.  I used to eat three meals a day in my car.  I used to crave foods that would kill me rather than nourish me.  Driving past these places, I literally put fast food behind me.

Photo by Monkeyc

I’m not saying that I’ll never have a Whopper, Nachos Bell Grande, SuperSonic Cheeseburger, or Potato Ole again.  I’m saying that I’ll never again have fast food as a regular visitor to MyPlate.  There are healthy, nutritious meals that can be just as inexpensive, convenient, and tasty as fast food, but you rarely see television commercials, print ads, and online advertising for them.

Take this challenge:  Make a note each time you see an advertisement for fast food throughout your day.  At the end of the day, count them up.  Commit to spending that many minutes researching healthy alternatives to fast food.  Comment below with 1) How many ads you saw and 2) What you learned from your research.

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