E is for Encouragement

This guest post was written by Claibanne Williamson.

Do you know what it takes to have courage?  Courage takes having the mental strength to venture, persevere, and withstand fear or difficulty.  Now who has the strength to do that, and to keep it up, without the en-couragement from others?  So let’s talk about encouragement…

I know I can’t go this journey alone.  I get down, things sidetrack me, I run into hardships and temptations.  It is HARD to stay the course to health!

I have some great people who encourage me.  They support what I’m doing and where I’m going.  They try not to tempt me; and when they do, they always apologize and offer me something else.  They complement me, tell me how proud they are of me, realize it is hard, and help me to remember what it’s all about.   I have a special little encourager – my niece Sasha.  She’s 7, and such a super-star herself.  Just look at one of the notes I got in the mail from her (and there are a million like it!):

I couldn’t do this without the people around me encouraging me.  It’s so hard sometimes.  It’s hard to focus, to stay the course, to persevere through the difficulties, and even the fear of success I face from day to day, and sometimes minute by minute.

So I encourage you to find a support system that will give you the encouragement you need.  Seek out those people.  Ask them for encouragement!  Tell them exactly what you need.  Even if you have to provide the cards and pre-addressed, self-stamped envelopes – it is so worth getting a surprise encouragement from someone who really cares and loves you.  And don’t forget – you can care and love yourself.  Send yourself a card or two in the mail to remind you to stay the course.  Be your biggest encourager.

What’s your most encouraging moment, and who or what source did it come from?

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  1. Mary says:

    so important – thanks for sharing!

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