That Candy was Calling My Name

For once, I’m happy to report that this post about candy isn’t to confess a lapse in judgement or control.  It is not because the candy hasn’t been trying to trick me, though.  Consider this suicidal bag of Sour Patch that was desperate for attention when I went to get my blood work done last time.

More recently, I walked past the desk of our Student Success Coordinator only to find my favorite candy, Miniature Reese’s Cups, and a fun-sized Kit-Kat virtually reaching for me.

I saw these not as tasty morsels, but as examples of those hurdles that Claibanne talked about in her recent guest post.  I’m not going to lie.  I did… brush against… that vending machine (to no avail), but I walked right past the candy bowl.  Learning to identify these triggers and intentionally overcome them is so empowering!

What hurdles have you crossed recently?

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