Feeling Insecure

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you know how disheartening it can be to do all the right things and still end up not losing weight… or even gaining weight.  I’ve been fortunate enough on this program to have lost something each week.  I’m concerned that this week might be the first week that I’ll have to take a ping pong ball out of my jar (which is full… more about that tomorrow).

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After a couple weeks of living the life of a couch potato, I got back on track with my walking and Zumba.  I noticed that I was feeling light-headed upon standing after a couple of grueling days of hard work.  It wasn’t to the point of passing out, but I felt it important enough to bring up when I saw my dietitian, Kristen.

Kristen suggested that I might need to increase my sodium intake to compensate for the sodium lost through sweat.  I complied by adding salt to the pretzels that I made, and one day I dissolved a bullion cube in water and drank it.  I think I’ll stick to the pretzels for my sodium needs going forward.

Thanks to the increase in sodium, the dizziness went away!  What I didn’t think about, though, was that the increased sodium levels would cause me to retain more water.  I noticed this when I hopped on the scale at home.  I haven’t figured out exactly how my scale matches up with the clinic scale, but I keep a parallel set of weights at home that I can use to guesstimate what my official weight loss will be.  Let’s just say I nearly passed out when I saw the number on the scale, and not for lack of sodium.

Soooooo.  This may be an ugly week for me.  We’ll know tomorrow.  It’s only water weight, right?


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3 thoughts on “Feeling Insecure

  1. Sarah Bibles says:

    Omg I add boullion to my soup every night… And I eat a ton of pickles! I think im retaining water 24/7 lol

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