Rediscovering Armrests

As I shed these needless pounds, I find that I can take advantage of more and more things that average-sized people enjoy.  Recently, I rediscovered the armrests at the theater.  This probably doesn’t seem groundbreaking, but to me it was.

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Somewhere in my college years, I outgrew “regular” theater seats.  I found this out the hard way when I ripped a brand new pair of pants trying to get into the seat.  From that day on, I only went to the stadium-style theaters with the reclining seats with movable armrests.  The nearest one was over 40 miles from my home, but it was worth the trip to be comfortable (and to not risk another wardrobe malfunction).

Lately, most of the theaters in my area have converted to the larger seating, so I have had more places to choose from.  Also, I’m smaller, so I can fit into regular theater seats again.  In fact, I had a great time recently at the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra’s Wicked Divas concert.  The seats at Robinson Center haven’t been updated in my lifetime, but I was able to enjoy the show without worrying about the seat.

It was at this concert that I rediscovered armrests.  I’ve always considered them the enemy — a boundary or limiter.  I’ve always raised them out of my way when possible.  This time, though, I found my arms resting comfortably on them.  I actually thought to myself, “Oh! That’s what these are for!”  As I said, probably not Earth-shattering to you, but it was a “moment” for me.

What have you recently rediscovered since losing weight?

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