Baby Steps

One of the methods that I use when teaching computer programming to develop student ability and confidence is “baby steps.”  Instead of introducing students to a very complex skill or concept abruptly, I like to give students a set of increasingly rigorous lessons and assignments that are more approachable.  Before they know it, the students have achieved mastery of the complex without ever “freaking out” about how hard it is.  I somehow “baby stepped” myself this week without realizing it.

If you read my post about feeling insecure, you know that I was worried that I wouldn’t lose weight this week because of water retention due to increased sodium intake.  In fact, I did lose weight, but not nearly as much as I normally would — 0.9 pounds.  Knowing the reason for the minimal weight loss, and expecting not to lose weight at all, made this figure somehow more acceptable.  I entered my weight into a spreadsheet as I normally do, and I glanced at my total loss — 134.6.  What I didn’t realize at the time, however, was that that 0.9 pounds put me over the 30% loss threshold.

The next day, I opened my spreadsheet again to verify a figure for a blog post.  It was then that the 30% figure struck me.  I felt such accomplishment!  Even though the weight loss was minimal, it had been just the nudge I needed to get to a major milestone.  The baby step to the next level.  Here’s hoping that the water weight is gone next week when I weigh in!


4 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. Sarah Bibles says:

    Are you skipping this week? Or do you only weigh every 2 weeks? I noticed Kristen cancelled zumba- does that mean someone else is teaching our class tonight. 30% is awesome! You will definitely lose next time and probably more! Be thankful youre not a girl bc i think our water retention is much worse than yalls!

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