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Several of you have enjoyed using my meal replacement planner spreadsheet, so I’ve decided to share with you another tool that I use to keep track of my weight loss data. Each week, I plug the date and my current weight into the spreadsheet linked below, and it figures out my weekly loss in pounds, my total loss in pounds, my total percent loss, and my BMI. It’s the spreadsheet I mentioned in my recent post about baby steps. If you’d like to use it, I’ve provided it in both Excel and Google Docs format.

Excel Format

Google Docs Format

Regardless of format, start by entering your height in feet and inches on the top right. Then, enter your weekly weight information using the Date and Weight columns. Do not update or delete values in the other columns, as they automatically calculate. You can erase the sample data in columns A and B by highlighting the values and pressing “Delete” on the keyboard.

I hope you find it helpful!

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