Weight Loss Benefit: Productivity

You know those little tasks that you put off for a rainy day? I knocked out a bunch of them just recently. I converted my junk room back into a dining room, I reopened the guest bathroom, I did some repair work in the master bathroom, and I even managed to work in an out-of-state trip. It’s amazing how much work you can get done when you have the energy to do it!

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First of all, I conquered the clutter in my dining room. Eating in front of the TV is a no-no for so many reasons when it comes to trying to lose weight, so now I have a proper place to eat. The dining room table had collected items including a K&N filter and its associated service products, Christmas gift wrap, a foot bath, a cast iron skillet that had rusted, several candle holders, and a vacuum hose to a machine that I got rid of years ago. The rest of the room was just as chaotic.

After watching an hour of two of Hoarders (it was my day off, after all), I felt compelled to do something about my own junk pile. I cleaned and put away the things that had homes. I threw away the things that were trash. I squirreled away the things that belonged in storage, and somehow, underneath it all, there was a very dusty dining room. I dusted, vacuumed, and dusted some more. I even ran the carpet cleaning machine!

Feeling empowered, my endorphins carried me into the guest bathroom, which I had long since abandoned when the toilet started leaking. Having never delved into the viscera of a toilet, I was surprised how easy and inexpensive it was to get it back into working order. With a few applications of LA’s Totally Awesome cleaner, the place was back in business.

The next day was spent working at a thoroughbred racetrack out of state. You might recall a post about my ill-fated tellering trousers. I’m now have a pair that fits right and is free of red thread.

After returning home, I started work in the master bathroom and bedroom. I used Goof Off to remove caulk from my bathtub, I spackled some holes in preparation for a new towel rack and matching toilet paper holder in the bathroom, and I installed a new outlet in the bedroom that has built-in USB ports.

Phew! I could never have done this at over 400 pounds.

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