I Love The ‘Ove’ Glove

You may not know this about me, but I’m a huge As Seen On TV junkie.  If I’m in a Walgreen’s, I make sure to swing by the As Seen On TV aisle to see what’s on sale.  I’m not saying that I buy every item that crosses my path, but I must admit to owning a Snuggie (and the free book light).  One item that I didn’t see on TV, but that I certainly saw in stores, is The ‘Ove’ Glove.  I received a pair of them for Christmas, and I’d highly recommend you check them out.

Yes, that’s what the Lemon Batter looks like when microwaved.  Still yummy, but not as yummy as the batter itself.

I’ve never burned myself on a ramekin or cookie sheet when using The Ove Glove.  It has a stretchy, insulated knit base with grippy lines all over it.  It can go on either hand, and it’s quite comfortable even which picking up extremely hot pans that have been roasting for 45 minutes.  I can’t speak highly enough about it!

What kitchen item do you love as much as I love my Ove Glove?

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One thought on “I Love The ‘Ove’ Glove

  1. Katie Hale says:

    I am a HUGE As Seen On TV Junkie myself! 🙂 I have the magic bullet AND the Baby bullet – and I don’t even have a baby anymore! 🙂

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