Boredom Wins Again

The other night in class we talked about lapses.  I’ve had several on my journey.  Last night, I stood over the box of meal replacement bars, having an inner monologue that went something like, “This is a meal replacement bar.  It has 160 calories.  I’ve had all of my meal replacements for the day, but I didn’t have any fruit.  Two fruit servings are 120 calories.  I’M NOT REALLY HUNGRY!  I’M JUST BORED!  WHY DO I WANT TO EAT THIS?”

My inner fat kid won this battle, but I’m going to win the war.  From a caloric perspective, this is trivial.  From the perspective of me having a grip on emotional eating, this isn’t great news.  My brain didn’t want me to eat it, but my hands and mouth weren’t listening.  Whenever something bad happens in education, we use it as a growth experience.  We make contingency plans so we’ll be prepared if it ever happens again.  This is my opportunity to form a boredom eating contingency plan.  I need your help.

Please share your strategies for overcoming boredom eating.  Together, we can make a great plan.

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6 thoughts on “Boredom Wins Again

  1. Linda Cunningham says:

    Plant a garden, then pull weeds in the garden/flowers/yard.
    Clean the toilet. Anything to get your hands dirty. You can’t/don’t want to
    eat when your hands are dirty.

  2. I made a list of all the things I could do instead of eat to fight boredom. I used that list a LOT!

    • Care to share that list?

      • I will be happy to share! I have it saved on my computer so I’ll pull it up and share some of it when I have a moment!

      • Ok, I found my list. It’s about 100 items long, so I condensed it. Some of it is ridiculous and most of it I actually did at some point or another.

        1. Walk the dogs.
        2. Plant an herb garden.
        3. Call or e-mail to catch up with family and friends.
        4. Clean (I do a lot of that.)
        5. Be still and think about my blessings.
        6. Learn how to do a tea ceremony. (That’s out there, I know.)
        7. Watch the Golden Girls. (Don’t ask.)
        8. Wash the car.
        9. Practice guitar.
        10. Learn how to make homemade facial scrub.
        11. Bring $20 to the Dollar Store and go ape.
        12. Clean out the sock drawer and figure out what happened to the socks. (I’ve never figured it out.)
        13. Take a bath.
        14. Organize photos and songs on Itunes and Iphoto.
        15. Clean ears. (This is my personal embarrassing favorite. I think I was going through an ear candling phase when I wrote this list.)
        16. Read
        17. Make a vision board.
        18. Work out.
        19. Go to the Farmer’s Market and learn how to cook with kale.
        20. Watch a documentary. (I love documentaries.)

        Hopefully you find some of these doable and can add to the list!

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