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One of the reasons I got to nearly 450 pounds was because of how convenient it was to swing by a drive-thru window and pick up “food.”  When I did cook, it was often something out of a box or bag that mated well with a pound of ground beef.  Then, I’d eat the whole batch.  I’ve learned the error of my ways, and I’m making better choices.  I am still, however, a creature of convenience.

I work with young people attending academic summer programs when I’m not teaching, so there isn’t a lot of time to operate ovens, blenders, waffle irons, or even to clean shakers while wrangling campers.  I’ve discovered the convenience of “the pouch.”  By throwing a couple of meal replacements and a plastic fork into my “Go Bag,” which contains everything else I need in case of a camp emergency, it’s all I need to stay on track with my meal replacement program.

When I get ready to eat, I pull out my meal replacement, shake the powder down to one end, tear off the top half of the bag, add some water, mix it with a fork, and voila!  Chocolate pudding!  If you like to add Splenda or sugar-free instant pudding, sprinkle these in before you add the water.  With this preparation, I don’t have to dirty my water bottle.

Can it get more convenient than this?

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3 thoughts on “The Pouch

  1. I am constantly searching for more ways to add healthy food into my life in the quickest way possible! Best of luck on your journey it is very inspiring.

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