Needless Pounds… of Luggage

Summer for a teacher is anything but a two month vacation.  In addition to teaching a 5-week summer course at my college, I’ve also been teaching and chaperoning grade 6-12 students in academic summer programs at another university.  Put another way, I spend my summers living out of a giant suitcase moving from dorm to dorm.

Curious about just how much luggage I had, I weighed my “overnight bag,” without the laptop case attached, and found it weighed 53.4 pounds.  As I was carrying it down the stairs to my car, I thought, “How was I able to get up and down these stairs with three times this much weight on my body!??”

As of this week, I’ve crossed the 160 pound weight loss mark.  I think of it as three of these giant bags, 32 bags of sugar, or one person.

In terms of other items, what have you lost?

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One thought on “Needless Pounds… of Luggage

  1. tracey campbell says:

    Awesome-you are really an inspiration to all of us!

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