It’s a Trap

I was out of state visiting friends over the Independence Day weekend when I ran across this enticing bowl of Peanut Butter M&M’s.  I had never tasted these, and I walked past this bowl several days in a row thinking, “Those look tasty.  I love peanut butter.  Too bad I’m not on the M&M diet.”  I maintain that it was set as a trap.

…and I fell in.  I ate six of these candies before concluding that it just wasn’t worth it.  They were simultaneously too sweet and too salty.  They were not something that I’d choose to put into my mouth again.  Did I cry about it?  Nope.  Did I beat myself up over it?  Nope.  This was just one more lapse to add to my experience list.

In class this week, we talked about lapses, relapses, and collapses.  Eating some candy is certainly a deviation from the plan.  What’s important, though, is not that I “cheated,” but that I put the candies down and got back on track within the hour.  I didn’t say, “Well, I’m off track…. I might as well go have that cheese dip.”  I chose not to eat my fruit servings for the day to compensate for my deviation.  Fixed.  I lost 4.1 pounds this week, even with this small deviation.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Don’t eat the small stuff, either.

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