Stairway to… Health?

In the Z to A in the month of May activity, I wrote that S was for Stairs.  That hasn’t changed; I’ve been taking stairs whenever possible since I wrote that.  On class days at the UAMS Weight Loss clinic, I’ll sometimes take the stairs up to the sixth floor where my classes are.  Some days I don’t.  While working summer programs, my classroom was on the third floor of the building.

In years past, I’d park as close as I could and ride the elevator up to floor 3.  This year, I leave my car parked, walk from the dorm on the other side of campus, and take the stairs.  It’s great having this “work-out machine” built right into the building!  As a positive side-effect, I’m wasting less gas and electricity, and getting healthier!

What other simple changes do you make to promote a healthier life?

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