Construction Zone

Being a commuter, I traverse the Big Rock Interchange twice daily.  As a friend of mine put it recently, “It’s not a commute if it doesn’t involve negotiating an obstacle course before you have your first cup of coffee.”  Interstate 430 at Interstate 630 is a mess.  It’s going to be a mess for some time.  Some day, it’s going to be amazing.

Photo by William Ward

My body is currently analogous to the Big Rock Interchange.  My body is a mess.  It’s going to be a mess for some time.  Some day, it’s going to be amazing.  I’m in an awkward phase right now were no clothes fit me properly.  Last month, pants that fit me in the waist were too tight in the thighs.  This month, pants that fit me in the waist balloon out where my belly would have been.  It’s a constant give and take to figure out what to wear.  How can khakis and a polo be so dang hard to pull together?

In the skin department, I’m finally starting to droop and sag in some places.  Although I’m the only one who notices it, I have a small waddle starting to form under my chin.  It’s really annoying.  I am constantly reminding myself that my reason for losing weight was to prevent health issues.  Based on my labs, I’m making great progress on that front.

What keeps me positive and moving forward is crossing through the Big Rock Interchange twice a day.  Although it’s a mess right now, I have faith that some day traffic will be flowing smoothly.  Some day, I will be able to buy a pair of pants that fits me for more than a fortnight.  Some day, I won’t have to hold my chin just right to hide my waddle in photographs.  Some day.

You might have noticed the lack of posts from me recently.  For that, I apologize.  I’ve had to prioritize things.  Staying on track with my weight loss program, getting things done for work, and taking care of myself have all taken precedence over getting posts out on the blog.  To those of you who contacted me, I send my sincerest thanks.  I’m here, I’m still on track, and I appreciate your concern.

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