Kroger Gets It!

I’ve had my Kroger Plus Card forever, and I love the discounts I get from using it.  After starting this program, I didn’t earn enough points go earn a gas discount any longer, but I still got coupons in the mail from time to time based on my buying habits.  The last few batches of coupons have been for items I no longer eat — Doritos, margarine, etc.  Today, these coupons came in the mail.

Frozen vegetables, baby carrots, seasonings, apples, citrus fruit, and toiletries.  Kroger understands my needs!  Who says you can’t find coupons for healthy food?

What healthy items do you have coupons for?  Where do you get those coupons?

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2 thoughts on “Kroger Gets It!

  1. Cindy Gates says:

    I rarely see healthy food coupons…very interesting!

  2. […] half that time.  In the freezer, I found a bag of Brussels sprouts that I got for free using a Kroger coupon.  With that, I made Pork Fried Quinoa with Brussels […]

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