130 Pounds of Clothes

You might remember my post a copule of months ago in which I described getting rid of nearly 20 pounds of pants that no longer fit me.  Since then, I’ve also given away a two week supply of polo shirts and some more khakis to a former coworker.  This weekend, though, I went all out.  I vowed to turn my walk-in closet into a closet that I could actually walk into again.

Photo by DJ Lein

On Saturday, I gathered up all of the pants and shirts that had recently been in circulation, bagged them up, weighed them, and found that I’d outgrown over 60 pounds of clothes.  I gave them to a friend who promised to get them to some folks in need.  Sunday, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I emptied my closet completely, vowing only to put back items that I could now wear or that I could wear in the future.

Let me just say here that I’ve never been a snappy dresser.  I’ve not followed the fashion trends of the day.  My present self thanks my past self for being lame, because I uncovered a basket of polo shirts that fit me perfectly today.  Because they’re polo shirts, they’re just as fashionable today as they ever were.  I even found a T-shirt from my days as a college ambassador dated 2000-2001 that I washed and wore this weekend.  Sunday’s haul brought the total to around 134 pounds of clothes that I can no longer wear.  Do you know anyone who needs a pair of 64/30 slacks?

Go clean out your closets, people!  You never know what you’re going to find that you’ve forgotten about.  My dietitian’s advice is to get those items that are too big for you out of the house so you’ll have a disincentive to gain the weight back.  I just think it’s cool to be able to see the floor in my closet again.

Where do you donate your old clothes?

One thought on “130 Pounds of Clothes

  1. Sarah Welch says:

    I try to donate to thrift stores that tend to have clothes in my size range. If they never have any, they’ll never sell yours. If they don’t sell, they’ll probably end up sold as scrap, shredded, and used for insulation. As expensive as clothes can be, I want them to go somewhere that they’ll be found & loved. To that end, my secondary requirement is that they are well organized. I love my local Savers for this. It’s a joy to take in a bag of too big clothes & buy a bag of new just right’s! It’s also fun to see my old things on the rack for sale, knowing that it’s there because I’m too small for them now 🙂

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