Magic Springs

I’ve spoken of “wake-up calls” that I received in the past telling me that I was too heavy.  One of them came while on a trip to Six Flags Over Texas in the middle of the last decade.  I tried to get on a roller coaster with my friends, and the harness simply would not accomodate me.  It was frustrating, embarrassing, and a waste of an expensive admission ticket.  Since losing weight, I’ve often thought about riding coasters again.

One of my dear friends surprised me with a pre-paid season pass to Magic Springs the other day.  We went last weekend.  I rode every ride without the least bit of trouble!  I rode many of them several times.  Not only did I get exposure to the park, I also got quite a bit of sun exposure as well.  Fortunately, I didn’t burn badly.

What’s something fun weight loss would allow you to do again?

2 thoughts on “Magic Springs

  1. Cindy Gates says:

    HURRAY! Freedom!!!! Enjoy:)

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